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I’m Kat, a graphic designer and Illustrator – who can often be found sporting a variety of paint and ink blobs, cooing over a collection of textured papers, or enthusing about the latest Social media craze.

Since my early years, I have a love of colour and print in particular – and I try to bring this into the sensible working world to while away my days. Doodling designs for teenage fan magazines, I then discovered desktop publishing, and drawn to the mix of drawings, photos and shapely fonts on screen.

A qualified Graphic Designer with work experience in Sales & Marketing, Social Media, and online advertising, I have been freelancing since 2008. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of marketing, innovation and branding, helping businesses target new customers and audiences, boost awareness and promote their brand.

My design experience covers applications such as corporate identity, sales literature, websites and online promotion, email newsletters, and social media for small businesses and sole traders.

Enough about me – have a browse through my work portfolio instead. Proof is in the Pudding, so they say. Get in touch, send me an email and say hello back.



Company Number: 6460871
D-U-N-S Number : 21-103-0170


+44 (0) 7779 482 875



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